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The Leftovers
The Complete 2nd Season

SRP: $29.98
Current Price: $9.73
Savings: $20.25 (68% off)

Bleak House
Bleak House

SRP: $49.99
Current Price: $15.99
Savings: $34.00 (68% off)

The Complete Case Collection

SRP: $349.99
Current Price: $152.22
Savings: $197.77 (57% off)

The Carol Burnett Show
The Ultimate Collection (General Release)

SRP: $249.95
Current Price: $103.67
Savings: $146.28 (59% off)
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The Complete Series


Multiple Shows
Red, White and Blue Collar TV


The Complete DVD Collection: Collector's Edition


The Complete 1st Season

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The Last Ship
The Complete 3rd Season

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4/28 Matt Houston Lee Horsely Stars in a 'Season 1' DVD Re-Release!
4/28 Grace Under Fire New DVD Configurations! 'Seasons 1-3' and 'Seasons 4 and 5'
4/28 Martial Law A Separate DVD Release for 'The Complete 1st Season'
4/28 Sister, Sister 'Seasons 1-3' and 'Seasons 4-6' Getting Separate DVD Sets
4/28 The Parkers Separate DVD Sets for 'Seasons 1 and 2' and 'Seasons 3-5'
4/28 In Search of... 'Seasons 1-3' of the Show Hosted by Leonard Nimoy
4/27 The Strain Press Release Announces Correct Street Date, Finalized Box Art for 'Season 3'
4/27 Class 'Series 1: From the Universe of Doctor Who' ...Package Art, Extras, More!
4/27 Coronet Blue Finalized 3D Packaging (and DVD Art) for 'The Complete Series'
4/26 The Pink Panther Show 'Sheriff Hoot Kloot' and 'The Blue Racer' on Home Video
4/26 Big Little Lies Possible Street Date Found for Blu-ray Discs, DVDs of the HBO Mini-Series
4/26 Duck Dynasty 'The Final Season: Last Call'...the 11th Season on DVD
4/25 The Expanse The Syfy Outer Space Series is Announced on DVD, Blu-ray for 'Season 2'
4/25 The Magicians Blu-ray Discs and DVDs Announced for 'The Complete 2nd Season'
4/25 Emerald City 'Season 1' of the NBC Show is Announced for DVD, Blu-ray
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